It’s not like I needed a new project. I am at work on a novel, after all, and it’s going very well.

Sedentary living

But over the last few years I’ve led an extremely sedentary lifestyle (I do editing from a home office, so I don’t even need to walk to the car and drive to work anymore). My weight crept up to the point where I realized I had a shelf big enough to place an egg on sticking out just below my ribcage.

And that shelf was me!

I needed to lose weight, not tomorrow, but today. I tried to exert self control but couldn’t stop overeating. I lost only four pounds, and that wasn’t anywhere near enough.

So, I began writing down my weight goal every morning, and in the evening I assessed, without getting down on myself too much, how well I’d progressed toward that goal.

Most days I hadn’t done very well. I’d slipped into mindless eating.

I was lethargic; my body was too full. I was treading water in the weight loss world.


Then, one evening, feeling defeated, I just scribbled down that I had to do something different, I didn’t know what it was, and I needed help.

The next morning I had an idea that appealed to me. A lot. It captured my imagination. It made me laugh. I believe it was a gift from the universe.

Now, almost a month later, 10 pounds lighter and feeling better than I have in years, I’m sure I’m on to something. I have more weight to lose, but I expect to be at my ideal weight in a couple of months. And since this is working for me, I think it’s bound to work for some other people, too.

Mini Meal Miracle

Thus, a new project was born: a book initially titled Mini Meal Miracle: At Last! Shed Pounds, Love Your Body the Sassy-Savvy Way. And I’m sharing the cover Stefanie Fontecha just designed for me. I’m in the first-draft stage of the book, so I don’t have contents to share just yet. I’ll keep you posted though.

What do you think? Do let me know. Please, pretty please.

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