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Welcome, reader. I expect you have no idea how much I appreciate you. How could I? you might wonder. After all, it’s likely we’ve never met. Nevertheless, you matter to me. See, the act of writing has many rewards, but sharing work with people who appreciate fine writing brings me incomparable joy,

If you belong to a book club, I think you’ll get a kick out of Arielle Calderon’s Buzz Feed post titled “The 16 Best Things About Being in a Book Club.” I lifted the words from the post below. The list isn’t quite as amusing without the images Calderon posted along with them, but I think you’ll agree with most of the things on her list:

  1. Reading a new book at least once a month.
  2. Meeting new and interesting people.
  3. And therefore making new friends.
  4. Reading books you wouldn’t normally read.
  5. Having people to talk to as soon as you finish a book.
  6. Red wine.
  7. White wine.
  8. All wine.
  9. Having long and thoughtful discussions about your latest read.
  10. Or engaging in heated debates.
  11. Snacks.
  12. And catching up with members about life, pop culture, and new novels.
  13. Discovering a great book that might make you cry.
  14. Or collectively arguing about bad stories and terrible characters.
  15. Getting excited for the next meeting.
  16. And defending your book club to anyone who dares to make fun of you.

If you belong to a book club, I also expect we have a love of books in common. If you want to recommend a book to me or sound off about books you’ve read recently, I’d love to hear from you either through this site’s contact form or via email to [email protected]. I’ll write back and share some of my recent favorites, too.

I read a new book at least once a month and often read more than two in a week. I typically read a few books concurrently, shifting from one to another as the mood strikes. Do you? I find I zip through some, while I read others in little nuggets, pondering them for longer periods.

Here’s what I can do for you:

Discounted books

If your club picks one of my books to read, I’ll provide paperbacks (oh, don’t you love holding a book in your hands) at a 25 percent discount off the retail price. Plus, I’ll raffle off another of my books to send to one lucky club member for free. The winner can pick the book she or he wants from my published works.


I’m also happy to visit clubs that are within a short drive from Sonoma County, California, where I live. For groups meeting farther away, I’ll be happy to arrange a virtual meeting. If you’re interested in talking with me in person or virtually, just get in touch, and we can work out the logistics.

Discussion questions

Many clubs enjoy having questions to guide book discussions. I don’t have any posted here at this time, but I’ll be happy to send you questions for the book of your choice upon request.

Laura is available for interviews, speaking, or author events

A dynamic speaker, reader and storyteller, Laura is available for:

  • Readings & discussion for book clubs or other literary events
  • Storytelling for special events
  • Lecturing on a range of topics

Lecture Topics:

  • How to write short and flash fiction
  • Strengthening your memoir by focusing on readers
  • How to face and write about harmful childhood experiences; and writing with forgiveness in your heart

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