Chicago, my new favorite novel

Chicago, my new favorite novel

Have you ever loved a book so much that you’ve revisited a few random pages each night before going to sleep? Have you begun a book, put it aside and then come upon it weeks later, having forgotten entirely that you’d cracked it open? Both scenarios are...

A fine novel by Thrity Umrigar

Like many writers, I’m an avid reader. When I need to rest and forget about daily concerns, I’ll grab a book that sweeps me to an absorbing world and keeps me there for a while. I needed a book like that last weekend because I was slammed with a cold so intense I had...

Why not write quick book reviews?

Brief book reviews have merit Do you post book reviews online at Amazon, Goodreads and other such sites? I do so only sporadically. I’d like to get in the habit of writing quick reviews after finishing books I’ve enjoyed. (I shy away from doing negative...

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