Last month I included a new 100-word story in a letter I sent out to my subscribers. I asked that they not post the story anywhere on the web because I was thinking of submitting it to an online zine or two. Most people were kind enough to respect my wishes, but one person posted my entire newsletter on her website. So, since this story has already been published, I’m going to publish it here, too.

I hope you like it.

imagesCold Case

Of course it was a witch we outsmarted in the woods, not some feeble, senile neighbor. And, yes, her home was built of candy and cake. Impossible? I have no time for people who don’t believe in magic. I’m not a predator. She was about to eat my brother—and me next, no doubt. You think the jewels make us look guilty, that it was all premeditated? You think we killed our stepmom, too? An outrageous claim. You have no proof. Hansel made a deal? Ha! He’ll never testify against me. Let’s just see what a jury has to say.

A question for you

Have you ever used a fairy tale as inspiration for creative work? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment, and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.


(Image compliments of West Coast Steiner School.)

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