He had better things to do

by | Aug 31, 2011 | Fiction, Flash fiction | 4 comments

He Had Better Things to Do
By Laura McHale Holland

He walked to his office window and opened the blinds. As the sun shone on his face, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes. The warmth was so much more appealing than the presentation slides waiting on his laptop, he took another breath and another and another. It seemed with each breath the sunlight was not just warming him; it was flowing in and around and through him and filling the room. But then his phone beeped, a reminder of the morning staff meeting.

He turned from the window, picked up his laptop and walked out his office door. His mind filled with percentages and profit margins as he walked toward the conference room. Passing through the reception area, he glanced in the wall mirror and saw he had a halo. Just like Jesus. He had a halo. He put his laptop down on the reception desk, took off his employee badge and put that on the desk, too. Then he walked out the front door. His father was calling him. He had better things to do than stay at work.

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  1. Jerry Kohut

    Yep, sometimes there are more important things than working. We need to put things in the right order. God, family, work

  2. admin

    Once again, thank you, Jerry, for stopping by and leaving a comment. … It’s hard to get the right balance, given the demands of day-to-day life, and good to focus on the bigger picture, put things into perspective. … I woke up this morning thinking I could do a few other stories centered on this character as his day progresses—don’t know if that’ll pan out, though.

  3. M D Blackburn

    Hello Laura, I left my offices in the same way and have never gone back. My family, The Lord and my books were calling to me. All my personal things in my private office were left behind but all started some 5 weeks earlier when I had my third heart attack. They were all caused by overworking, as you put it “The Balance of the Day”
    Well done again.

  4. admin

    Thanks, Dennis. Leaving your job that way might be something you could write about if you’re so inclined. I suspect many folks think of doing that sort of thing, but never do, and would like to read about someone who did.

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