It gives my life meaning

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Here’s the next episode. What do you think?

It Gives My Life Meaning

By Laura McHale Holland

Carly stands at the ribbon, scissors in hand. She grins at the crowd gathering. “May this be just one of many dreams come true for us all,” she says. She snips the ribbon tied between two trees bordering the drive. The housing community she funded with part of her inheritance is now officially open. The crowd cheers. Right in front are Carly’s parents with her seven-year-old daughter, Chloe, jumping up and down between them.

Along the curved drive are 50 townhomes, all going to families that lost their homes to foreclosure in the last five years. Carly is carrying the mortgage on each one.

A reporter runs up to Carly. “Don’t you think it’s foolish to take such a risk?” He thrusts a microphone in front of Carly’s face. “When I was locked away for three years, I thought if I ever got out, I would devote my life to helping people in this community. So, no this isn’t foolish; it’s exactly what I want to do; it gives my life meaning.”

Chloe runs up and hugs Carly, then pulls her toward the nearest townhome. People file up the driveway to tour the landscaped grounds. In the back of the group is the chauffeur who was once Chloe’s only friend and is now a stranger to her. The restless boy at his side asks what all the fuss is about and can they please just go to McDonald’s. The chauffer smiles. “This is kind of an amazing day for our city, my little friend. I just need to take it in for a while. Then we can go.”


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  1. Eve Trout

    Giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate is commendable.

  2. admin

    I think so, too, and I think lots of folks would like to be in a position to help people in similar ways. I mean, can you imagine having the resources to fund a big community project of your own design? We’d all do different things, but it would be pretty cool.

  3. Barbara Toboni

    Ah…the fantasy world of fiction. Wish there were more Carlys in the world.

  4. admin

    Thanks, Barbara. Me too!

  5. Susan

    Hey Laura – I really like what Carly is doing with her inheritance. I (kinda?) hope she gets back to some relationship with the Chauffeur. Can’t explain why really. I’m thinking. : ) HUGS!

  6. admin

    Thanks, Susan! Carly’s going to meet the chauffeur, for sure, maybe even in the next episode. What happens then … I’m not sure.


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