Here’s another 100-word story. I will welcome your feedback.

Lonesome Dog
By Laura McHale Holland

13292530214_077fd34ca7_mI pass a lonesome dog on the sidewalk. Well, I think he’s lonesome, but that’s probably me projecting, thinking the critter has feelings he doesn’t have. I like lonesome though, the notion of me saving him. We’d each be half of a sterling heart broken, jagged, on a silver chain. Those aren’t just for lovers, you know. Schoolgirls use them. Why not a lonesome dog on the sidewalk, following, five feet behind, and me? I could hang from his collar; he could dangle from my keychain. We’d join at chow time. Who would ever know? I turn, watch him approach.

Photo by Michael, used under Creative Commons license:

A friend just sent me a flash fiction piece she wrote after reading this story. I’m so happy to have inspired her! She didn’t choose to post hers publicly, but if this spurs you to write your own flash, I’d love for you to share it in a comment to this post. If you’d rather not share in a comment, you could send it to me via the contact form on this site, and that would keep it private.

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