My first and only

by | Oct 4, 2011 | Fiction, Flash fiction, Relationships | 9 comments

My First and Only
By Laura McHale Holland

He was the first, my first love. So how could I not hug him, feed him, brush the lint off his jacket? How could I turn him away?

I know what he did. I live in a forest, not a cave. It’s just that when he came to my door, fear dripping off him like sweat, eyes jumpin’ hot like oil, I saw only the boy he used to be, the one who gave me my first corsage, the one who took me over the moon and back.

A SWAT team has the woods surrounded. They’re looking for a cold-blooded killer, and they’ve knocked at my door. But I stood on the deck, shrugged and said I haven’t seen him in ages.

Bullets ricochet in the canyon below my cabin. I don’t know what those men are shooting at, because their target is crouched in my pump house, waiting for nightfall so he can slip away. Does this make me a bad person? I guess so. But he was my first, my first and only real love.

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  1. Jerry Kohut

    And they called it puppy love, however it was true love. True love may only happen once in a life time so you got to hang on to it as long as you can, what ever it takes.

  2. Bob Norwicke

    Neat story!

  3. admin

    Thanks, Bob. I appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment!

  4. admin

    For a minority, puppy love is, or becomes, true love, doesn’t it. What if your first love turns into a murderer, though? That’s a tough situation. What would you do?

  5. Mark

    Times change and people change and the past can be seen through rose tinted glasses, but I have seen the damage a murderer wroughts on the victim and the victims’ family and friends. I would have had him give up and made sure he was treated right, but never have helped him in his crime.

  6. admin

    I might be afraid to even answer the door if a person I loved became a murdered and knocked at my door. I would not harbor such a person, unless forced to under duress. I think turning the murdered in to the authorities is the best, safest solution for all concerned. Depicting a person aiding the killer makes for a good story, though.

  7. Barbara Toboni

    Yes. Good story. Makes you think. What would I do? Turn him in, but it would be heartwrenching.

  8. admin

    I just realized I typed “murdered” instead of “murderer” not once, but twice. Yipes! It’s an example of how we can see only what we expect to see, not what’s really there.

  9. admin

    I agree, Barbara, it would be heartwrenching. I’m so glad most of us will never have to be in a situation anything like that.

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