Never Forever Lost

by | Nov 29, 2012 | Fiction, Flash fiction | 18 comments

Never Forever Lost
By Laura McHale Holland

It’s in her closet behind the blue Midnight in Paris relic, maybe, or in the sand beneath barefoot dancers on the beach. But then, it could be behind her ear, waiting for the right magician to come along.

Her heart beats, her sweat flows, her lips tremble, her eyes close. Gone. Not forever, though, never forever lost joy.


* * *


I didn’t think I’d post a story this week, but I got inspired by Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction challenge. I used the picture she posted there, too. I will welcome your comments on this.

And I’m still looking forward to stories that take off from the sentence I posted yesterday, which was: She knew right away the stamps were no good – no good for mailing anyway.

Two people have posted terrific stories already. I hope you’ll take a look and contribute one of your own.

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  1. Jeffrey Hollar

    Such a delightful dance of emotions and sensations in such a confined space. Beautifully done.

  2. Robin Leigh Morgan

    Hi Laura,
    I’m more than halfway finished writing my 500 word response to you.

    Anyway, so this time you us to response to your 5 sentence flash fiction. Well, I’m ready; and to make it more interesting for myself, I’ve decided to limit myself to 5 sentences as well, so without further adieu, here it is:

    Oh where. Oh where. Oh where has her compassionate lover, his sweet steamy words, and hunk of a body gone to; characteristics which had always caused her to react in this manner each time he drew near to her. Alas, while it true she no longer has him around, the mere act of remembering him still bring these responses back to her. Oh, if he would only return to her, then these feelings she has would also come back to her for real.

  3. Robin Leigh Morgan

    Just to let you know the time stamp is off, look at the time indicated for my post.
    Look at Jeff’s.
    Then look at time you posted your reply.

  4. admin

    Thank you, Jeffrey, for taking the time to read my story and to leave such a kind comment.

  5. Jerry Kohut

    love the photo and got me thinking of some great moments that will last forever. good job

  6. marie

    I love it, loved the places joy might be.

  7. admin

    I love where this one took you, Robin Leigh – and that you responded in five sentences to boot. I picture her hoping for new possibilities, and getting them someday. But your sense of who she is fits, very well too.

  8. admin

    Oh, gee, another thing to put on my to-do list. I have no idea how to fix that.

  9. admin

    Thanks, Jerry. Oh, yes, that’s true. Great moments can last forever. I like thinking along those lines.

  10. admin

    Thanks, Marie. It was fun writing this one too.

  11. Lisa Shambrook

    Oh yes, all those places and more! This was lovely!

  12. admin

    Thank you, Lisa!

  13. Barbara Toboni

    Love, this picture Laura. It reminds me of a picture I took of my two boys and my husband on New Year’s Day at sunset throwing stones into Conn Dam. Out with the old, in with the new. This picture is of the dance with joy variety, which I also love and you have captured that with your words.

  14. admin

    Thanks, Barbara, for your supportive comment. I bet that’s a lovely picture you have of your husband and sons. I can’t take credit for this picture, though. Lillie McFerrin selected it for her five sentence challenge this week. It seemed to suit what I ended up writing so well that I used it too.

  15. Josie Two Shoes

    Wonderful perspective shared so concisely! Joy is always there, though sometimes hidden. It always finds a time and means to resurface in our lives if we will only believe!

  16. admin

    Thank you, Josie, for your appreciation. It’s fun to respond to a challenge, isn’t it. I learned some things about how I feel about joy that I hadn’t realized I felt.

  17. JazzBumpa

    From somewhere without
    Or better still, within — joy
    Is where you find it.


  18. admin

    Very nice, JzB, and true, too.

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