Squished a spider

by | Sep 6, 2011 | Fiction, Flash fiction | 8 comments

Squished a Spider
By Laura McHale Holland

While sipping her morning coffee, Clara noticed a big, black spider ambling across the rug near her feet. She stood up, ready to stomp the thing, but then she sneezed–once, twice, thrice. She opened her eyes and spied the creature scurrying away. Rather than whack it before it found cover, Clara took the sneezes as a sign and let the spider be. Soon, she forgot about the spider lurking in her home.

That night in her dreams spiders covered the walls of her bedroom; they crawled in and out of her mouth and ears, they perched on everything she owned. She screamed and cursed and tried to bat them off, but the spiders didn’t budge. She fought on anyway for what seemed like eons until, completely spent, she dropped her flailing arms and said, “Go ahead then. Kill me. Take me. Do what you will.” At that, the spiders vanished and the dream shifted into placid territory.

The next day, as she watered a fuchsia hanging in her garden outside, Clara took a step backward and inadvertently squished a spider. She didn’t notice the dead arachnid underfoot, and she never dreamed of spiders again.

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  1. Jerry Kohut

    once you see them, spider or what ever, you tend to feel them on you or around you . If you find a tick on you , it seems like they are all over you. It’s such a creepy feeling. wish you could get rid of them just by steping on one, but that only happens in your dreams. so let’s dream away

  2. Nancy LaTurner

    My relationship with spiders is similar to Clara’s and I’m delighted with your portrayal of it!

  3. Gilda Marie Granado-Melendrez

    Nice short story and sounds like some weird dreams I have that I fight to get out of and don’t remember what I dreamt about!!! :) lol

  4. admin

    That’s so true, isn’t it, Jerry. Or, remember when there would be an outbreak of lice at your child’s school? Wouldn’t your scalp start to itch and itch? It was weird. I’m up for dreaming all that stuff away.

  5. admin

    I know what you mean, Gilda. It’s like you can remember something strange was going on, but you can’t recall what. Maybe it’s a blessing.

  6. admin

    Thanks, Nancy. I was a little apprehensive, thinking maybe the dream was too creepy. But I see from your, Gilda and Jerry’s responses that there’s fertile ground to explore when it comes to spiders.

  7. Kenneth Weene

    Gives me shivers. Good read.

  8. admin

    Thanks, Ken! It gives me shivers, too.

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