Telling stories from The Ice Cream Vendor’s Song

by | Jan 19, 2013 | Fiction, Flash fiction, Storytelling, The Ice Cream Vendors Song | 6 comments

The-Ice-Cream-Vendors-Song-cover-small2-e1351566579176I have a little something different to share today: a video clip!

Last Monday I was one of several Sonoma County authors invited to share our work at Gaia’s Garden in Santa Rosa. I decided to tell two stories instead of read them. Ideally, with storytelling, the text is a guide, but you tell the story by heart, not through memorization, leaving room for the story to unfold in new ways during the telling. The stories didn’t deviate too much from the original text at this event, but if I continue to tell them, they will evolve in subtle ways with each telling.

Here’s the link: I will welcome your feedback!

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  1. Barbara Toboni

    Loved the storytelling video, Laura. I remembered the story about Emma from your blog. Great job.

  2. Robin Leigh Morgan

    I left the following comment earlier today on YouTube:

    Hi Laura

    Hearing you read these two items [I know I must have read them/responded to them on your blog] gives them a somewhat different sense of meaning. This is probably because when I read them, I gave each my own spin on the story. Here I got precisely what you wanted to communicate through the changes in your voice. VIVA LA DIFFERENCE :-) :-) :-)

    BTW – the problem with my debut YA Paranormal romance novel on Amazon has been corrected.

  3. admin

    Thanks, Barbara! I’m so glad you enjoyed the video. Storytelling is so energizing; I want to do more of it—and see how the stories evolve in the process.

  4. admin

    Thanks for leaving your comment here and on YouTube, Robin! I’m glad the video gave you a different sense of the stories. I think we all put our own spins on every story we encounter. … I didn’t read the stories; I told them, which is, for me, a more dynamic experience, one that allows for a bit of improvisation, liberating the story from the page. … I’m glad the problem with your novel on Amazon has been fixed, too.

  5. Susan

    It was really super to “hear” your stories, Laura. How special that was for me on many levels. :) Can’t wait to get the book. HUGS for your day.


  6. admin

    Thank you, Suz! I’m soaking up the hugs and sending them back to you!

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