The fool

by | May 30, 2011 | Fiction, Flash fiction, Relationships | 22 comments

I was aiming to do a three sentence story this week. This is just a tad over.

The Fool
By Laura McHale Holland

She crouched in the closet, slashed her machete through another woman’s wardrobe, and clenched her teeth at the laughter bubbling up from a foyer that used to be hers. He’d filed for divorce one month into her three-year term, a sentence she’d earned for embezzling to pay his gambling debts. Since then, he’d changed his phone number, his hair style, his bank, his job, his wife—but he hadn’t changed the lock on the front door. The fool.

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  1. Lysle

    Oh…this SO speaks to me…. Smirk!

  2. admin

    I’m delighted that it does, dear Lysle. I just finished Stephene King’s book, “On Writing,” and one of the points he made is that your material chooses you, not the other way around. So this picked me, and I went with it.

  3. Lysle

    I am not sure that delighted would be the word…but I have lived this woman’s actions in my head. My revenge came through a VERY GOOD lawyer…

  4. admin

    Yeah, delighted is bit off the mark … pleased, maybe … And I’m glad you had a very good lawyer to help you through such a difficult time.

  5. Judy Croome

    Gulp. Well, The Fool is all about taking a reckless leap into an abyss and- oh boy – when this woman leapt…she leapt! Well written. Raises a lot of interesting questions.
    Judy, South Africa

  6. Jerry Kohut

    Fools never learn, hopefully she has learned a lesson too!

  7. admin

    Judy, I like that you responded to the meaning of the Tarot card and see the woman as the fool in the story on that level. I saw the image of the card after I wrote the story and was immediately intrigued by the possible layers of meaning it could add.

  8. admin

    Yes, let’s hope. Learning lessons is a big part of what life’s all about, isn’t it.

  9. Ruth

    Love the rhythm of this story–the final line is a true PUNCH-line.

  10. Deborah Taylor-French

    Laura, Iove that you used The Fool Tarot card to spark this story. You packed so much into this tale of revenge.

    The Food card symbolizes our universal innocence and oneness, a leap of faith or a fall into earthly life and error. I have much affection for this card and the little white dog that reminds us to be loyal and have faith.

    I wonder what this woman will feel once her act is complete. Will she feel foolish? Disappointed? Or stronger and ready to start over?

  11. Patricia V. Davis

    Please, please, finish this. I MUST know what happens….

  12. Deborah Taylor-French

    Food or Fool? Now I feel foolish for my typo folly. Yeah, I’m with Patricia, tell us what happens next. Please.

  13. admin

    Thanks, Deborah, for your thoughts. There are so many possibilities …

  14. admin

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my latest story, Patricia. I’m happy that it piqued your interest. I’m also thinking that your desire for me to take the story further indicates it may not succeed as a piece of flash fiction as is. I’ve been posting one story per week on my blog this year, exploring the flash fiction form, learning some things in the process. Thanks again. I just may continue the story and see where it goes …

  15. admin

    How very nice to hear from you, Ruth. Thanks for the encouraging feedback. I hope all is going very well for you and yours.

  16. Dennis

    This story is so short, its quality is that it is left for us to finish it ourselves with our own life stories. We are all different, which is a pity really, everyone should be like me: a very modest genius. Being different makes your finishing the book with fiction, perhaps. You would have to choose between 1,000,000 endings, where as we would only have one each: reality.

  17. admin

    Thanks for your insights, Dennis, and for your humor. I may leave the story as is for now. I initilaly liked the way readers (including me) are left to fill in the blanks, and it won’t work if I try to force something to happen. It may be possible, though, to expand it in a way that suits the story, but I don’t know. I’m mulling it over.

  18. admin

    Thanks for letting me know that you’d like to know what happens next, Deborah. I don’t know yet if I’m going to continue the story, Deborah. We’ll see.

  19. tara Pleshar

    You aare always amazing to me, Laura…always waiting 4 the next….

  20. admin

    Thanks, Tara. I so appreciate that you’re following my work. I’ll do my best to keep the stories coming.

  21. wordwranglinwoman

    I like it. You are so darn creative.

  22. admin

    Thank you, Word Wranglin Woman. Do you have a blog? I’d like to stop by there if you do.

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