Here’s a new 100-word story. Why not write your own story about a mother and son and add it as a comment? 100 words, no more, no less. A little discipline, a lot of fun.

There Was A Time
By Laura McHale Holland

4447647978_0de8691820_mShe buys chocolate for her son, 70 percent cacao, the darkest available at Raley’s. She drops it off with idle comments: nice day, isn’t it, or wasn’t that something how the 49ers tanked yesterday, or land sakes, that old tree’s bursting with figs this year! He stares at the wall and replies, uhuh or umhum or whee. She doesn’t stay long. There was a time when she brought flowers for his wife, coloring books for the kids, and the scents of jasmine and chlorine wafted in from the yard. There was a time when she knew he could be President.

Image of chocolate by Lee McCoy; Creative Commons License.


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