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by | Aug 26, 2012 | Fiction, Flash fiction | 18 comments

I was with my sister Kathy this weekend. She worked on the book design for The Ice Cream Vendor’s Song.

She finished the front cover and designed most of the interior layout, too.

There’ll be a couple more rounds of proofing and then the spine and back cover elements to figure out, but we made so much progress.

I’m thrilled.

The launch date isn’t set yet, but it will be this fall.

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  1. Eve Trout

    I love it. Please make sure you let me know when your book is ready for sale. I want a signed copy. Believe it or not, I just started Reversible Skirt from you. Only cause I’m sleeping all the time. You and your sis did a beautiful cover.

  2. Jerry Kohut

    looking good my friend

  3. Nancy LaTurner

    Splendid! Congratulations! I love good book covers, and this one is especially attractive. And how fun to work on it with your sister :-)

  4. Barbara Toboni

    Love this cover, Laura. Nice to have an artist in the family. Another good book to look forward to reading!

  5. admin

    Thank you, Eve. I so appreciate that you want me to let you know when the book is ready for sale. I’ll be sure you get the word as soon as I know.

  6. admin

    Jerry, I’m dedicating the book to the kind folks who’ve been reading my blog — and, of course, you’re in that group. Many thanks, my friend.

  7. admin

    Thank you, Nancy. We did have a good time working on it. The book cover and interior design, plus almost all the initial layout, took the better part of two days. Kathy’s a graphics designer and communications consultant by trade, so she’s got the rights to thousands of images on CDs — and she has 5,000 fonts! First, I showed her some book covers I liked, and then she had me look through several collections of images that seemed to be in the right vein. I identified ones that appealed to me, and then it was a slow process of elimination. She ended up layering parts of four images for the cover background. We didn’t have to go through 5,000 fonts to find the ones for the cover and interior, but we did go through hundreds. It was tedious at times, but well worth it, I think, to find the fonts that sing to us and are just right for the project.

  8. admin

    Thanks, Barbara. I am lucky that Kathy is so generous. She’s been an artist since she picked up her first crayon. … Also, the stories in the collection have gone through several more rounds of editing since I posted them here. I don’t think I will ever reach the point where I feel I wouldn’t change one more word, but the stories are much closer to that point than they were initially. I think you’ll like what you read.

  9. Susan

    Totally love it, my friend. Let me know when it’s out too! HUGS!


  10. admin

    Thank you, Sue. I’ll be sure to let you know when it comes out. xoxoox

  11. Robin Leigh Morgan

    GREAT COVER Laura,

    I like the simple design and the choice of colors seems to complement it. The color also reminds me of an ice cream cone. I also sense being at this stage you can almost smell the ink on a freshly printed copy of your book.


  12. admin

    Thanks, Robin. Just visualizing the cover makes me smile. I hadn’t been thinking of ice cream while evaluating possible backgrounds with my sister. I was just marking design elements that appealed to me. One friend on Facebook said the cover reminded her of spumoni, though, so you’re not alone. I think you’re right about almost being able to smell the ink on a fresly printed copy of the book. It’s energizing. Now I need to set a launch date and plan all the steps I need to take to roll the book out.

  13. Linda Loveland Reid

    Congratulations. I love these originally writter stories. The book will be a huge success.

  14. admin

    Thanks, Linda! And thanks so much for being one of my preview readers. Your lovely words will be right in the front of the book on the “What people are saying page.” I don’t think I can adequately express how much I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do to foster a welcoming, vibrant, supportive writers’ community in Sonoma County.

  15. Edie

    Laura, the cover is beautiful! What a lovely cover for your incredible thoughts!

  16. admin

    Ah, Edie, you warm my heart. Thank you!

  17. Olivia

    Lovely! Can’t wait to buy it and read it!

  18. admin

    Thanks, Olivia! I’m looking forward to your next book, too.

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