Ordinary person, extraordinary moment

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This is a 100-word memoir I wrote in 2009 for Ordinary People/Extraordinary Moments, a project Ana Manwaring spearheaded for Redwood Writers as part of the ArtsSonoma 2009 Festival. It was a challenge to write something for the theme in so few words:

It was out west, in Salt Lake City, maybe, or Denver or Albuquerque. I passed through them all in 1975. My long dark hair sparkled in the sunlight as I sipped wine in a cafe. A handsome man with dark hair and dark eyes sat down next to me, asked me to leave with him. I refused, said I was waiting for someone. He tensed up, inched closer. Repulsed, I rushed to the bathroom. Years later, before his execution, I recognized Ted Bundy on TV. He especially liked women with straight, dark hair, parted down the middle, just like mine.

To read more 100-word stories written for the project, visit http://norcalextraordinary.blogspot.com/.

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