5 things you don’t want to know about me

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Memoir, Musings | 8 comments

I’ve been feeling stressed lately, worrying too much about things I can do nothing about. At times like this, a little levity tends to be helpful. So here goes:

5 things you don’t want to know about me:

  1. If I work out on my elliptical for five minutes, it’s a good exercise day.
  2. I watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette when I’m feeling brain dead.
  3. I want Bigfoot to be real. Seriously, I do.
  4. There’s a shelf high up in our hall bathroom that I haven’t dusted in so long I’m afraid to get the step stool out and see what’s there.
  5. I’m revolted by pickled pigs’ feet, both the sight and thought of them.

What don’t I want to know about you?

Tell me in comments. This could get interesting …


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  1. Pamela Fender

    1. I watched the first two seasons of “The Apprentice” because I liked the concept of the show. That was a lifetime ago.
    2. I stole two packs of Lifesavers when I was a kid from the five and dime. Sour grape. Sour cherry.
    3. I lied about being a college graduate when I applied to cosmetology school so I didn’t have to pay the full tuition.
    4. I chose to write about my only one of two abortions in my memoir.
    5. I swear a lot when I drive.

  2. Laura

    I think your five go deeper to the bone than mine do, Pamela. You are wonderfully brave.

  3. Marie L Millard

    1. I agree with Donald Trump that exercise (but not activity) is bad for you.
    2. I hate cats, coffee, football, cooking, and clothes shopping.
    3. Many of my report cards said “If she would only apply herself.”
    4. I wish all women would give up shaving and make men get used to it.
    5. My midlife crisis is in its sixth year. Can it still be called a midlife crisis if it just keeps going?

  4. Laura

    That’s a thought provoking list, Marie. I’d feel a whole lot better about my lack of exercise if I believed it was bad for you. I’m sure people can overdo it, though, and harm themselves in the process. When I was in my twenties lots of women, including me, didn’t shave, and it was accepted, at least among a large number of young adults. I was talking several years ago with a young man about that time. He wasn’t born yet, and he said it sounded to him like a fairy tale. What happened to all of us, I wonder. Perhaps our own versions of extended midlife crises?

  5. Susan

    1. There is NO reason for Picked Pig’s feet. End of story.

    2. There are some shelves I am too scared of what what find like snakes and old dirty socks.

    3. I get a git out of “crime” shows.

    4. I remember my friends.

    5. I wish the remember me.

  6. Barbara Toboni

    1. Our bedroom closet floor is filled with only my often worn shoes. I make my husband keep his under a chair near the bed.
    2. I cheated in my college speech class when I was supposed to draw a visual aid to go with my speech I had a friend draw it for me. I felt I wasn’t a good enough artist.
    3. I got a “D” in that Speech class for the semester.
    4. In 5th grade once I didn’t bring my math homework to school. When the teacher asked me why I said because I didn’t feel like doing it. (so unlike me)
    5. A nickname that I had in 7th grade was frizzy because of my curly hair.

  7. Laura

    It’s lovely to hear from you, Susan. I bet a lot of folks feel the same about pickled pigs’ feet as we do. I’m watching cable news now; commentators are talking about the Senate as we are just minutes away from a government shutdown. What a world. When I think of you, I picture you as the little red-haired girl with the beautiful voice who joined our school in fourth grade. xox

  8. Laura

    That’s an evocative list, Barbara. In a small number of words you touch on a range of life stages and emotions. It’s the shining poet in you at work, I think.

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