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Instead of falling asleep, I keep thinking about a song I wrote for my sisters back in 1978. So I thought I may as well make a cup of tea, grab my laptop and post the lyrics here:

Song For My Sisters
By Laura McHale Holland

Three little beds made in a row, sun streaming in through our open window
Days of our youth began with me racing with you to the kitchen
Where we’d argue over who would get the Wheaties, who would eat the Rice Chex, who would get the Corn Flakes
Did I tell you then how much I love you, sisters? You’ve been always in my heart

Three ragged coats hung in the hall, three pairs of boots stood right underneath them
I walked to school right beside you, children were cruel, called you names, now
All our clothes were second hand, I didn’t understand why it should make a difference to the others
Did I tell you then how much I love you, sisters? You’ve been always in my heart

Three teenagers, babysitters, waitresses and ice cream dippers
We bought new clothes, lipstick that glowed, cologne in scents for our earlobes
Rubbing elbows in the hall, each waiting for a call from someone who we hoped would see our beauty
Did I tell you then how much I love you, sisters? You’ve been always in my heart

One scholarship, one wedding ring, one Greyhound east, three new and different lives
Youth on my own, sometimes alone, I’d want a home with my sisters
Graduation came so fast, our childhood was past, we’d grown up and we had to say good-bye now
Did I tell you then how much I love you, sisters? You’ve been always in my heart

Three women now stand tall and proud, voicing aloud plans for a saner world
Times have been worse, I’ve bled and hurt, cried in despair who will care?
And you’ve come flying to my side wherever I did hide, and you knew I would do the same for you
So, I’m saying now how much I love you, sisters. You’ll be always in my heart
Yes, I’m saying now how much I love you, sisters. You’ll be always in my heart

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  1. Lysle

    We know one another’s faults, virtues, catastrophes, mortifications, triumphs, rivalries, desires, and how long we can each hang by our hands to a bar. We have been banded together under pack codes and tribal laws……… Rose Macaulay

  2. Gilda Marie Granado-Melendrez

    Beatuiful song of a sister’s cherised memories of her loved ones. Is there a website where I could listen to this song? Gilda

  3. Chris Predick

    Love this, Laura. Were the lyrics still in your heart that you could call on them in the middle of the night?
    I have 2 sisters also. These are complicated relationships, but the base of it is a ferocious loyalty. There is no person who knows the path of your life and the core of your being like a sister.

  4. Bernadette Pabon

    It’s a wondeful song. Glad you posted the lyrics. For my next book I need a song about sisters, let me know if I can use this one. Yes sisters are special, and the bond they have cannot be compared. I love to hear it with music. Thank you for this post.

  5. admin

    Thank you so much for these comments, my friends. I have to scoot off to work right now. I’ll add another comment to answer questions later on.

  6. Lynda Nutt McIntyre

    I always envied you your sisters…I always wished I had one. I now have “sisters of the heart,” but there is something about sharing growing-up years in the same family that creates unbreakable bonds. It even works with brothers, although not nearly the same way (at least in my case). Beautiful song. Now we need to hear it!

  7. admin

    Bernadette, yes, you can use the lyrics in your book, as long as you credit me. And when your book is out, if you could send me a copy so I can see what you’ve done, that would be great. :o) (This is not a general permission to anyone who happens to read this; it is a permission for Bernadette only. If you are not Bernadette and are interested in using my song lyrics, contact me.)

    As far as being able to hear the song goes, I have no recordings of it, nor do I do anything remotely musical these days, so that may take a while. But I will pursue it because there’s another song I wrote back in 1980 that came back to me while driving in the car a couple months ago that I want to figure out how to get up on YouTube. There’s a North Coast Mac Users Group that helps with projects like that, and I just joined the group this week. And if I’m going to get one song up, I may as well do two. So, Gilda, Bernadette and Lynda, I’m making a note to let you know when I get that done, since you’ve expressed a desire to hear the song.

    I agree that there’s nothing like the bond sisters who grew up together share. All families are different, of course, and some families have more strife than others. But that loyalty thing, yes, Chris, it’s fierce!

    I don’t have any brothers. Maybe, Lynda you will write a song for your brother someday that will reveal some of what that bond is like. What do you think?

    And, Lysle, your ability to pull out a fitting quote amazes me, not just here but in other posts I’ve seen here and there. You are very well read, aren’t you, my friend.

  8. Debi Blood

    Laura, this is beautiful and wonderful, yet heartbreaking. I love the sort of fierce love that exists between sisters. You captured it perfectly.

  9. admin

    Thank you, Debi. I like how you touched on the mix of emotions we experience in our marvelous relationships with our sisters.

  10. Holly Whitman

    I remember being part of San Francisco in the 70s. You and I had quite a sojourn there. I remember playing flute as you played piano, and I remember you singing this song. I loved the music we made back then. You sang with such intensity as you wrung sweet music from the piano keys. Those were great times, Laura. I am so glad we shared them together!

  11. admin

    Me, too, Holly. Our shared memories are something to treasure. And I love that you still make music!

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