Crepe myrtle reflections

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IMG_1265In this picture, these crepe myrtle blossoms exhibit a warm red hue, but in the sunlight yesterday afternoon, they looked like the raspberry sherbet served long ago at Dipper Dan’s, a small independent ice cream shop where I worked briefly when in high school.

The pay was $1 per hour and all you could eat, and I ate more than my share of raspberry sherbet. So did all my friends, who would pay 15 cents for a single dip, but I’d pile three scoops on, squishing them down as far as possible in an attempt to make them look like a single dip.

The owner was kind; he let me get away with it, probably because I didn’t have hoards of friends, just a handful. He grinned as he watched them plunk down their dimes and nickels and slip out the door, their tongues darting to catch dribbles of sweet, sticky goo that slid down the cones onto their fingers.

Has anything you’ve seen recently brought back memories from days long gone? If so, I’d love it if you shared them in the comments section.

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  1. Susan

    OMW – how prophetic. I am purging things accumulated over many, many years (no, I’m not a hoarder, but who can part with a note from a student, or parent!?). I was reminded about the song Heirlooms by Amy Grant. Anyway, I read things, saw pictures of friends and family and thought that there were times when everything was okay. Dipper Dan’s!! Sweet memories of friends and boyfriends sharing a cone or two. (Two, of course, is better!) : ) Your pay brought memories too. Those memories are the heirlooms. Thanks for giving me a nudge! HUGS to you.


  2. admin

    We must have been on the same wavelength. … And oh yes, looking through things we have stored away always brings back memories. I think that’s the only reason I keep some things—just to look through them every so often and take a little journey through my memories.

  3. Marie

    The other day, something was a certain shade of a certain color, and it took me several minutes to figure out what the color was exactly like. It was exactly like the chicken rings (I think that’s what we called them) the kids used to make bracelets out of in 5th or 6th grade. They were “the thing,” and we’d trade colors and hook them together and give them to friends and collect them. Almost 30 years ago!

  4. admin

    Chicken rings, what a great name! I’m not familiar with them. Sounds like they were a source of some creative fun. I don’t think they were on the scene when I was a kid, or if they were, they must have been called something else.

  5. jerry

    our crepe myrtle started to bloom a month ago, Late for us. Wished I knew you back in the High School days better so I could have had that triple decker ice cream cone lol.

  6. admin

    I’m glad you have crepe myrtle in Missouri; it’s such a beautiful part of summer. You would have definitely gotten as many triple decker cones and you’d wanted, my friend.

  7. Barbara Toboni

    I’m very tuned in to scents it seems. Driving home one day, there was a distinct scent in my car that reminded me of walking into the Woolworth’s a store a few blocks away from my grandmother’s house in Philadelphia. I wrote a blog piece about it. Now and then Grandma gave my sister and me money to buy little toys at Woolworth’s. Happy memories. I think Grandma was riding in my car with me that day!

  8. admin

    Thanks for sharing this, Barbara. I love the idea of your grandma riding in the car with you the day a scent brought back happy memories of shopping at Woolworth’s with money she’d given you. Ah, thank goodness for our memories—the good and the not so good; they add so much richness to our lives.

  9. Tanya Savko

    This post about working in an ice cream store brought back a lot of high school memories for me, as I also worked in an ice cream store! I still love ice cream of any kind – craving it now ;)

  10. admin

    How fun that we both worked at ice cream stores, Tanya. Other than my sister Mary Ruth, who worked at the same store the year before I did, I haven’t met anyone recently who worked behind an ice cream counter as a high schooler. Did you serve mini sundaes? They’d be one scoop of ice cream loaded with hot fudge and then topped with whipped cream, chopped nuts and a cherry. I especially liked the combination with butter pecan ice cream. Mmmmm. I’d love to have one of those now. These days my favorite frozen treat is usually chocolate sorbet, the darker the better.

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