Domestic goddess—not

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Memoir, Musings, Relationships | 14 comments

Here’s a little something from my life as a wife.

IMG_1302Jim pulls an old L.L. Bean shirt from the dryer, hands it to me and asks, “Can you do something with this?”

“Sure,” I say. “It’ll be great for rags. Chamois is really absorbent.”

“But I love this shirt. Can’t you fix the collar.”

“No can do, honey.”

“You must be able to fix it somehow.”


“Well, you sure aren’t a domestic goddess, are you.” He purses his lips, looks me up and down.

“We’ve been together 29 years, and you’re only now realizing that?x!#?”


Copyright  ©  2013 by Laura McHale Holland

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  1. jerry

    29 years for Laurie and me too.
    wake up and smell the coffee lol

  2. Tanya

    Aside from purchasing matching fabric and sewing a whole new collar, how could you have possibly fixed it?! But I love that he looked you up and down – I can just picture it : )

  3. Ann Philipp

    hehe good one.

  4. admin

    Thanks for your comment, Jerry. My website is acting up, and I just now received notice of it. That’s a cool coincidence that it’s 29 years for you and Laurie, too. Wake up and smell the coffee, indeed, my friend.

  5. admin

    Thanks for your comment, Tanya. My website is malfunctioning a little bit, so I just received notice of your comment today. I’m going to try troubleshooting tonight to see if I can figure out what’s off kilter. … Anyway, you’re right, even someone who can sew more than a basic seam would probably say it’s not fixable. The funny thing is that the shirt is still on a chair in my office. I think Jim still hopes I’ll fix it. I guess I could iron on a patch, but I think that would be uncomfortable, look pretty bad, and probably be the genesis of another post.

  6. admin

    Thanks, Ann. Given your fine sense of humor, I’m honored. Great to hear from you again, too.

  7. Barbara Toboni

    Laura: I can see you doing a whole book of these wife life tidbits. Fun reading this one!

  8. Suz

    This is so true for many. My guy just throws things and does consult me. I really like a couple of things he’s worn. I have but a few and they are great for cleaning. : ) Green is my color, so send it on to me! It will match my eyes. hehehe

  9. admin

    Thanks, Barbara. I think doing a book of these could be really fun, that is, if Jim’s willing to go along with it. I’ll have to find a way to poke fun at myself, too, to make it work, I think.

  10. admin

    Now there’s a solution that would never have occurred to me, Suz. I can just imagine what he would say if he asks about the shirt someday (It appears he still thinks I’ll find a way to fix it, sigh) and I say, “Oh, I sent it to Suz; it matches her eyes.” Oh my.

  11. Eve Trout

    We’re going on 29 years as well. I don’t even say anything, I just throw it away. I have a quick fix. Buy a marker the same color as the shirt and color in fade marks, lol!! See if he notices.

  12. admin

    Thank you for that tip, Evie! It just might give that old shirt a little more life. Heh, heh, heh.

  13. Arletta Dawdy

    A book of such exchanges and mutual adventures would be delightful.
    Potential solution: cut a bit from the shirt tail and make a new collar or go to LLBean catalog for a new one!

  14. admin

    Great to hear from you, Arletta! I like your suggestions. I did tell Jim we could order him a new one. There’s probably one exactly like it in the catalog, but he said he doesn’t want a new one; he wants the old one fixed. He might change his mind, though, should a new one just appear on the rack among his other shirts. Hmmmm.

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