Life as a wife: Just like Emmylou

by | Dec 20, 2014 | Memoir, Musings, Relationships | 6 comments

I’ve been remiss in posting here.  Preparing Sisters Born, Sisters Found: A Diversity of Voices on Sisterhood for launch on Jan. 5 has kept me beyond busy. (The book is on sale at Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista, Corte Madera, Calif., now and available for pre-order on Amazon at,)

I have, however, posted a few mini Life As A Wife tidbits on Facebook in the past couple of months, and I thought some folks might enjoy them. I envision publishing an ebook of them (the ones in this post will need to be expanded) at some point. So here goes:

10371948_10202949593215194_776740326066961341_nThe office holiday party was so much fun: great people, yummy food, lots of laughter, much of it from the gift exchange. You never know what you’ll find beneath the festive wrapping. Jim got a box of See’s Candy. I went for something more mysterious to my eye. Here’s what I got. Funny, he won’t swap with me.





My Jim just a smidge irritated with me for taking a picture instead of holding the ladder steady.







Jim just came home, saw me working away at my desk, paused to stroke my hair, which I stopped coloring about seven months ago, and said, “Your hair is beautiful. You are beautiful, like Emmylou Harris.” Oh, he’s a keeper, that man. Now, if I could just sing like Emmylou …

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  1. Marlena Baraf

    Delicious, Laura.
    I too have been writing short essays about hubby, some a bit acerbic. They are our live-in characters, no?

  2. Susan Brien

    You have a soothing voice when I talk with you, my friend. Jim is a keeper and a steady ladder would ensure he stays around in one piece! : ) I’m waiting for ANY new adventure in 2015. (You know I wrote off 2013 and 2014!!) I’m ordering your new book today. Have a very loving and Merry Christmas and a joy-filled New Year.


    Sue (with sisters of her own – blood and otherwise like you!)

  3. admin

    Thanks, Marlena. They are indeed our live-in characters. Perhaps we can email some of these little works in progress to each other occasionally and give each other feedback. I’m not doing them in a focused way right now. I just jot them down when something Jim does strikes me as funny or just uniquely “jim.”

  4. admin

    Thank you, Sue, sister found. I hope your life takes a wonderful turn in 2015, something splended we could never predict. Wouldn’t that be fine? You deserve it. I’m sending you glad tidings for Christmas and the New Year. I hope you find much good reading and nourishment in the book, as well. xox

  5. Barbara Toboni

    I like these little snapshots of you as a wife. I can really relate. Good idea for a little book. I’ll be looking for it.

  6. admin

    Thanks, Barbara! It’s going on my to-do list. By the time I cross off a few other things (such as the sequel to Reversible Skirt tentatively titled I Will Claim You) I’ll probably have quite a few more of these stashed here and there.

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