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A reflection by Laura with a way cool poem by Moira Kathleen

11.23.versions.photoSometimes I feel like a bloated computer file stuffed with too many variations of the same old story. Other times I’m like a youngster again watching Jiminy Cricket sing When You Wish Upon a Star on the Walt Disney Show. But I wonder whether I’ve been wishing upon the wrong star, chasing something illusive, unattainable.

Typhoons and tornadoes rip across the landscape in far off lands and closer to home. Cars crash. Fires break out, consuming homes in a flash. Any of us could lose everything in an instant, or our lives could dribble away slowly.

I worry about all of this way too much, I know.

imageBut occasionally I’ll do something routine that shifts my perspective—like yesterday, I took a shower, toweled off and rubbed a new brand of vanilla lotion all over my skin. The scent reminded me of a poem my daughter wrote when she was 10 years old.

It was selected for the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans, 1997 edition.

I looked through a book shelf near my bed and found the slender volume. I’d forgotten how wonderful the poem is. I hope I never forget again. It reminds me of the power of giving and receiving everyday, constant love—and what an honor it is to be my daughter’s mom:









My Mom
By Moira Kathleen Holland

My mom is as beautiful as the sunset
She smells like a bundle of new roses
She loves to garden and write
When I wake up in the morning
she smells like vanilla
My mom has a dancing heart
I love her very much
I think she is a child wrapped
in a grown-up’s body


Copyright  ©  2013 by Laura McHale Holland


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  1. jerry

    that was so sweet, she is a chip off the ole block.

  2. admin

    Oh, thank you, Jerry. That warms my heart. :o)

  3. Moira Holland

    You are still as beautiful as the sunset :) & the scent of vanilla will always make me think of you xox

  4. admin

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, my dear one.

  5. Barbara Toboni

    Keep shifting! Absolutely lovely poem by your daughter. Is Moria still writing poetry? I totally agree with both you and her about your child side. Isn’t scent the most powerful of all?

  6. Suz

    Well, you did it to me again, my friend. My mom smelled wonderful especially after a bath. Sadly, by the time I got home after school, she smelled like Morgan-David (red) Port Wine. I’m not sure it is really legal to call it wine. : ) It looked like more like red mud. She still was a sunrise and sunset for me. HUGS!


  7. Nancy

    It strikes deep, doesn’t it — the stark contrast between horrors in the world and the sheer loveliness of a wonderful daughter. My daughter is like that too. Having her bless my life helps me continue to believe the quote I painted on the wall over my bed: “When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.” ~ Jiminy Crickett

  8. admin

    Will do, Barbara. Thanks for the encouragement and appreciation for my child side. Moira isn’t writing poetry, but maybe she will again someday. And, yes, scent reaches deep within to bring into view long forgotten experiences and places in such a striking way.

  9. admin

    What a story you have to tell, Suz. Your mom was beautiful, struggles or no. And look at how you surmounted things that would have trapped others without your backbone. What a lovely and talented woman you turned out to be. I’m glad we’re encouraging each other along the way. :o)

  10. admin

    Oh, Nancy. I love that quote. And I love picturing it painted on the wall over your bed. Loving daughters (and sons) are such a gift to mothers. I’m glad that’s something we share. Thanks for the beautiful comment.

  11. wordwranglingwoman

    Laura, your daughter certainly has received the gift! I’m sure it’s in her genes. What a sweet and touching poem. So clear and perceptive. I hope she continues to write. Hugs, Patrice

  12. admin

    Thanks for this lovely comment, Patrice. She doesn’t write much these days, but she’s enjoying her life immensely. Hugs back to you!

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