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Following the example of author Patricia Volonakis Davis, I just added five sites to my blog roll. All of them belong to members of Redwood Writers, the North Bay branch of the California Writers Club. The motto of Redwood Writers is “writers helping writers,” and sharing links is one of many ways members help each other.

I will likely be adding links to other members’ sites in the next few days. Here’s a tidbit about Wisdom Has a Voice: Daughters Remember Mothers, just one of the sites I added.

Founded by Lynn Henriksen and Kate Farrell, the site’s mission statement begins:

“A multi-media project to gather and produce every daughter’s memories of mother: to express a wisdom learned from her as a compelling story.

“Wisdom Has a Voice: Daughters Remember Mothers will begin a new tradition among women.

“Surprisingly, the profound experiences between daughter and mother remain mostly unrecorded, even though this bond is a woman’s primary relationship, at the core of her health and well-being. Giving voice to the complexities of mother-daughter relationships will speak common truths and make meaning of possible discord.”

I attended a workshop led by this duo in August 2009, which I reported on at the time in my old blog. You can read that post at http://lauramchaleholland.wordpress.com/category/writing/

Below is a picture of Lynn Cook Henriksen and Kate Farrell I took that day. If you think they look like warm, friendly people, you’re absolutely right. They’re highly competent, too.

Lynn Cook Henriksen and Kate Farrell

I’ll be attending another workshop with them in January. The aim for participants is to develop submissions for their upcoming Wisdom Has a Voice anthology. The workshop’s already full, but they do have a waiting list. To get on the list, contact them via http://wisdomhasavoice.com/about-2/.

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