A poem: Blank Is

by | Jan 20, 2014 | Musings, Poetry | 7 comments

Blank Is

Blankness. What is blank behind you?
Stillness, rage, blank. On and on. Blank fear.
Lid on, eyes open blind, blank.
Bars rattling, chains breaking blank apart.
Sign torn, smeared blank. Long ago.
A boot on the neck, blank.
On the stomach, on the head. Blank.
A crack swallowed. Blankness, how are you?
Do you know? Blank is blank, is hiding under the rug.
Inside wrinkles and fingers licking wounds.
Blankness, a necessary impediment. Blank.
Be careful what you scrape blank. Truth.
A whole life to feel, to love, to blank.
Possible for some but not. Blank.

Laura McHale Holland
Jan. 21, 2014

Copyright  ©  2014 by Laura McHale Holland

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  1. Susan Brien

    This is very deep for blank. : ) We must help blank to get out of the blank.


  2. admin

    Indeed. As you can see, Suz, I’m in a blank place, up against blank with nothing to blank on.

  3. Barbara Toboni

    Powerful poem, Laura. It looks like Blank is friends with Good-for-Nothing! Blank needs a new friend, how about Hope? Everyone likes Hope.

  4. admin

    Thanks, Barbara. I’m going through a rough (blank) patch right now. I’m not a poet, but it feels like poetry can get at what’s going on in a way that’s different from story and memoir. The way I’m feeling today, I’d probably come at hope sideways, but come to think of it, that could be interesting.

  5. jerry

    Hoping you can blank yourself out of this blanking situation. But do remember this ” you are blanked ” <3

  6. jerry

    <3= heart

  7. admin

    You are such a wonderful blank, Jerry. Thanks for reminding me that I am blanked. It’s so easy to forget that. I can’t blank you enough.

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