The day

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imagesSince it’s National Poetry Month, I thought I should write at least one poem. I began with “the day is” and took off from there. I will welcome your thoughts, and if you’d like to share a poem that begins with “the day is” or begins with something else, please paste it into a comment. Click on the title to this post if you don’t see a comment area below.

the day
by laura mc hale holland

the day is a love letter
run-on moments punctuated
by breezes, shadows, whispers, sighs
crumpled by engines, exhaust
discarded curly fries
torn by jets soaring
the message, so tender, falls, hits landfill
unrequited love, blighted
it turns, turns through the night
until composted, reconstituted
the day opens anew at dawn
trying again to speak again
for love again

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  1. Barbara Toboni

    Love your poem, Laura. The day is theme fit an old poem of mine so here it is below.

    The day is
    golden warm
    before the season remembers its pattern
    bright laughter sprinkles like freckles
    between our words

    The drifting drawn lifting tone
    of saxophone settles like satin
    against our ears

    Crowds and cars like colored marbles
    spill before us

    In unison
    golden warm mingle
    circle leaves, long hair, skirts

    Suspend the season

  2. ana manwaring

    Congratulations on the mention in the Bohemian, Laura!

  3. admin

    I love the new poem!

  4. admin

    Thanks, Ana! Do you want to add a poem?

  5. admin

    Thank you, Barbara, both for appreciating my poem, and for sharing such a beautiful one of your own. Love the imagery. It is so sensual and immediate. Mmmmmm. (For anyone who might be reading this comment, you can find more of Barbara’s work at

  6. admin

    Thank you, Moira, dear daughter of mine! (Did you post your comment from my computer? It looks like I posted it as admin. I probably forgot to log out last night.)

  7. Eve Trout

    Very nice as usual Laura.

  8. admin

    Thanks, Eve!

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