I thought this would be a story, but it turned into a poem.

Photo by Asja Boros, http://bit.ly/2bmsSSa

She Believes

She can’t sleep
Mind full, not mindful
1:30 a.m., it bothers her

Wisteria gone wild, yes, wisteria
after a dozen years of peace
spreading rude tendrils
across the yard
choking the tomatoes
2 a.m., it bothers her

Dogs’ teeth not brushed
(why can’t they just learn
to do it themselves
she wonders)
2:30 a.m., it bothers her

To-do lists buried under books
under papers under bills
under fears over dreams
lost forever, it seems
3 a.m., it bothers her

Rain taps down
a soothing rhythm
her full mind opens
to a marvel of colors
hope, perhaps, dancing
within her grasp
3:30 a.m., she believes

Laura McHale Holland
August 17, 2016

Photo by Asja Boros, http://bit.ly/2bmsSSa

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