A love note to Jim

by | Feb 15, 2012 | Musings, Relationships | 4 comments

Local bookstore chain Copperfield’s asked people to submit love notes for posting on its website yesterday (Valentine’s Day). Mine was among those selected. Here’s what I wrote:

Stretched out on the leather couch you found for our living room when we bought our home, wearing a pair of red fleece pajamas you gave me when my hair hardly had any gray, sipping a kombucha drink you bought me at Oliver’s, and warmed by an oak and almond wood fire you built for me before you turned in tonight, I see the signs of your devotion in every room and in each moment of our lives. Do I need flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners out? Nah. I have you, my one and only Jim, taking my hand, leading the way, embodying love again, again and over again.

Always, Laura

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  1. Robin Leigh Morgan

    More truer words never spoken. It amazes me how much money is spent on Valentine’s Day. Where a full course dinner’s price spikes for that one day, and for what you’re getting the same dinner you would any other day. The price of roses spike and for what, the simple supply and demand equation which on any other day would be considerably lower. The same goes for chocolate.
    Why can’t we remember the lesson from O. Henry’s, “The Gift of The Magi”. Where the wife, Della, sells her long flowing hair to buy her husband, Jim, an expensive fob chain for his gold watch; and he sells his gold watch to buy her an expensive array of combs for her long. What is left after each of their sacrificial gifts are exchanged is the love they have for each other.
    Perhaps everyone should merely accept the love for each other and leave the material things for another day.

    BTW – I got a new website,

  2. admin

    Thanks, Robin. I hadn’t thought of “The Gift of the Magi” in a long while. Some lessons apply to every age, no? Now I must hop on over to your website and have a look.

  3. Lynn Fraley

    Laura, what a wonderful love note to Jim. I will say I did enjoy the roses my sweetheart got for me (and stimulating the local economy with purchases of flowers I think can be a good thing.) I hope you write more!

  4. admin

    Thanks, Lynn! I agree stimulating the local economy by buying roses is a good thing. I will be writing more. I’m just taking a break, regrouping while I recover from an knee injury. I posted a new piece of short fiction every week in 2011. That was a fun project. I’ll be putting some of the stories into a little collection.

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