She’ll be ready

by | Sep 20, 2011 | Musings, Relationships | 6 comments

She’ll Be Ready
By Laura McHale Holland

She ran down the sidewalk in the dark, block after block until she reached the end, the dead end, fenced off. She squinted at the wide-open field beyond, the goats under an oak, an old tractor rusted. Heart pounding, she climbed up the fence, jumped over the barbed wire top and ran behind the tractor.

Minutes later, he arrived, rifle in hand. She trembled as shots ricocheted off her metal refuge. She trembled as lights turned on all along the street, as a distant police siren grew louder, closer. She trembled when he was cuffed and pushed, swearing, into the police van. And she trembled as she packed a bag and called a cab for the airport.

Thousands of miles away now, she pumps iron, runs marathons, teaches karate. If he finds her, she’ll be ready.

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  1. Ann Philipp


  2. Jerry Kohut

    when we first moved in our house here there was an old tractor in the field at the end of the road. we live on a dead end street. Since than new houses were built down the road and the tractor was removed. I liked it better when only the tractor was there at the end of the road.

  3. admin

    Thanks, Ann. Are you writing any flash fiction these days?

  4. admin

    That’s quite a coincidence, Jerry. There are a fair number of old tractors in these parts, and we’re right on that edge where development and open lands coexist, a bit uneasily, I think. I prefer the tractors and fields, but I live in a subdivision in what used to be an immense seed farm.

  5. wordwranglinwoman

    as you so often do…you captured my attention and my emotions. she was so real.

  6. admin


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