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by | Nov 22, 2010 | Memoir, Musings, Reversible Skirt | 0 comments

Last time I tried to upload a picture for this blog’s header, it didn’t work, but I tried again today, and it was easy. By the way, the photo in the header is by Jason Figueroa, He’s amazing and so, so inexpensive. If you live in SF’s North Bay, and you need a photoshoot for a project, he’s the man, really.

Now that the header’s uniquely mine, I want to make the font size in the blog entries a bit smaller and the column for those entries a smidge narrower to make room for a nifty widget in the right-hand column I’ll be getting sometime in the next month. It will have several functions all in one, one of which will be a book trailer for Reversible Skirt. Yup. A book trailer.

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