Lately, I’ve been working on two long projects: Belinda Blue Brown’s story, which I’ve been posting here, and a sequel to my memoir, Reversible Skirt.

Shifting gears

Belinda’s story is at a point where I need to draft away and not worry about whether it’s good enough for public consumption. The second memoir also isn’t at a stage where I’d be comfortable posting excerpts from it here.

Based on how the two projects are going, it looks like the memoir will shape up faster than Belinda’s story.

Then it’ll be time to figure out the best way to share it with, well, you, dear readers.

A new project

Thus, I need to regroup and consider what kinds of posts would be enjoyable for you to read and fun for me to produce. My most successful blog project to date was weekly flash fiction, which I continued for more than a year. I culled from those to create my flash fiction collection, The Ice Cream Vendor’s Song.

IMG_0986I want to do something different today, so I’m going to snap pictures with my iPhone and write tidbits to go with them. These could be fact or fiction or maybe even poetry.

So, here goes.

Supermoon Love

By Laura McHale Holland

IMG_0849Twilight. June 23. Jim and I leash up our pups, Romeo and Leo, climb into our Ford Escape and drive through the Sonoma countryside to view the supermoon, which occurs annually when the moon is closest to the earth in its elliptical orbit.

We veer southwest after a while and get out to romp above Dillon Beach in Marin. It’s cold, dark and windy, though. Even the dogs cower in the face of the biting gusts from the sea. So that part of our excursion is short, but invigorating.

IMG_0994If it weren’t for Jim, I wouldn’t be admiring the supermoon. I probably wouldn’t know when to set the clocks forward in the spring and backward in the autumn, either.

Nor would I wash the car, watch Game of Thrones and The Newsroom on HBO, clip the juniper in our front yard.

But most of all, without him, I wouldn’t wend my way home after hours of editing at my day-job, and know that I am loved.

The next supermoon will be Aug. 10, 2014.

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