Hopes, a dark poem shared just because

Hopes, a dark poem shared just because

A tenacious, invasive cold-flu that slammed me in early January slowed me way down. Then there’s the new political landscape in the U.S.A. to contend with, which I, along with many others, have found truly disturbing. I’m feeling much better now, but I was...

It came on the breeze

It Came on the Breeze By Laura McHale Holland It came on the breeze, sidled through Gracie’s nose and lodged in her throat. The vibration was ever so slight, just a hint of sensation. She forgot all about it as she spent the day splashing and sunbathing at the...

Squished a spider

Squished a Spider By Laura McHale Holland While sipping her morning coffee, Clara noticed a big, black spider ambling across the rug near her feet. She stood up, ready to stomp the thing, but then she sneezed–once, twice, thrice. She opened her eyes and spied...

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