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Do you enjoy a range of moods and textures? How about tales that let you pause and reflect for a moment, perhaps feel a forgotten emotion or sometimes laugh out loud? Then Laura’s latest collection of bite-sized fiction, Just in Case, is just for you. Also inside, a preview of Laura’s new novel. Grab your free ebook right here:

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Laura McHale Holland

I believe our fondest dreams beckon us toward lives of discovery and bliss, and each time we rise up to heed their call, we open doors for other kindred souls. While rising up is rarely easy, and life wrenches without mercy at times, words well-crafted can can work like magic to enchant, mend and empower us to rejoice in our hopes anew. This quest and the friendships we form along the way are central to my life and writing.

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The Kiminee Dream


Compelling and multifaceted, The Kiminee Dream introduces a cast of quirky, tight-knit characters in the fictional river town of Kiminee, Illinois, where forces beyond everyday reality both help and hinder, and secrets surface, testing the entire community’s mettle.

“… a hypnotic and endearing story.” 
— Rayne Wolfe, former New York Times Staff Writer, San Francisco Chronicle columnist, and author of Toxic Mom Toolkit


Richly written, full of magical realism and deeply atmospheric, The Kiminee Dream is as much a love letter to the interconnected lives of small town residents as it is a testament to how inexplicably linked our lives are, no matter how far removed.

Kristin Fields, Author of A Lily in the Light

The Kiminee Dream, Laura McHale Holland’s latest book, is a family saga, full of quirky characters, delicate language, magic and secrets.

Susanna Solomon, author of Point Reyes Sheriff’s Calls and Montana Rhapsody

If you love stories of perseverance and survival, if you love books that celebrate the human spirit, if you love books whose words bring the characters to life, you must read [Reversible Skirt].

C. Hoelter, Amazon Reader

Reversible Skirt is the tender telling of a girl’s odyssey through an abusive childhood. The voice is honest. I feel as if I’ve known her all my life.

H. B. Reid, author of The Connected

Resilient Ruin is not your everyday growing-up story. … It is heartbreaking, but it is also about hope—that no matter how bad things get, there’s always hope, and if we look hard enough, we will realize we are never truly alone.

Jennie (Shi) Marima, author of The High Road

I was hooked into this story from the first page and carried along to the end by a fast-paced plot, believable, dynamic characters, and vivid sensory details. I came of age in the 60s so could easily relate to the times.

Kathleen Pooler, author of Ever Faithful to His Lead

This is a book for writers who want to see the craft at its best and for readers who want to be titillated and thoroughly amazed. I know I was.

Linda Loveland Reid, author of Touch of Magenta

I also love how Holland weaves her sentences—the end result is deliciously poetic and often brimming with pathos.

Meghan, Amazon Reader

Reading Sisters Born, Sisters Found will impart an experience not soon to be forgotten. It provides a rich opportunity to dip into the lives of others for just a few moments and will expand and forever change your view on what sisterhood is.

Holly W., Amazon Reader

I haven’t got a clue how the author gets to these mysterious locales, but she has surprises in store for me when I get there and it’s always a fascinating ride.

Barbara Toboni, author of Light the Way and The Bunny Poets

Magical yet grounded, Laura McHale Holland’s flash fiction packs a gratifying punch.

Olivia Boler, author of The Flower Bowl Spell

While containing quite a bit of melodrama, THE KIMINEE DREAM remains a deeply poetic and riveting novel, full of family secrets and the complex relationships right underneath the cheery façade of American normalcy.

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Featured Titles

Resilient Ruin

Her hope for a normal life is ripped away when a predator reels her in.

Sisters Born, Sisters Found

Divulges secrets, captures relationships, and reveals the core of female hearts.

Reversible Skirt

A true story so beautifully rendered it reads like a novel.

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